Ridiculous Parking Situation At Bondi Beach Is Slammed In Viral Video And Even Some VERY Famous Lifeguards Are Weighing In

Woman shares insane parking situation at Bondi, Australia's most iconic beach

  • Posted footage of how driver squeezed into a tight spot behind her van in Bondi 

  • TikTok video has gone viral, sparking comment from the Bondi Rescue lifeguards

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    Australia's most famous lifeguards have weighed into a viral TikTok video showing the parking situation at their iconic beach.

    A tourist staying in Bondi shared how a fellow motorist squeezed into a tight spot just millimetres behind the rear of her van.


    The woman shows just how close the two vehicles were by opening and closing the rear door of her van, which narrowly avoids hitting the bonnet of the other car.

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    The tourist (pictured) shows how a driver squeezed into a spot behind her van, missing hitting the vehicle by millilitres

    'Bondy parallel parking goes diff,' she captioned the clip.

    She added in the comments: 'He boxed us in. I'm too bad at parallel parking to get in a space this small.'

    The video posted three days ago has since attracted thousands of views and several hundred comments, including one from the lifeguards of the hit television program Bondi Rescue. 

    'Yikes,' the team posted.

    The van owner narrowly avoids hitting the car bonnet while closing the rear door

    Many viewers slammed the other driver's parking skills.

    'That bonnet has "key me" written all over it. What sort of flop parks that close?' one wrote.

    Another added: 'Should reverse into them, then drive off. That'll teach them.'

    'Slam it hard,' a third one wrote. 

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    Others weighed into the dire parking situation in Bondi around Australia's most popular beach.

    'You're lucky you found a parking place. I had to park miles away,' one wrote.  


    The top end of Hall Street is the only street in Bondi with free all day parking and is the  furthest away from the beach.

    Source : https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10327065/amp/Viral-TikTok-video-shows-ridiculous-parking-situation-Sydneys-Bondi-Beach.html

    Viral TikTok video shows ridiculous parking situation at Sydneys Bondi Beach

    Source:Daily Mail

    Viral TikTok video shows ridiculous parking situation at Sydneys Bondi Beach